When it comes to picking a side hustle a lot of people will think of Uber as an option. In this article I’m going to share my experience with Uber and hopefully help you decide if Uber is right for you.

Read about the pros and cons of driving Uber as a side hustle. It can potentially be a good way to make some extra money as long as you look at all the pros and cons.

Here are some things I love about Uber:

My number one favorite thing about Uber as a side hustle is how flexible it is. You can decide whether you feel like working that day or not and have no one to report to. If you went with a side hustle where you have a scheduled shift you have to go whether you feel like it or not.

You get to meet a lot of interesting people! I’ve had some really cool conversations and never got a grumpy person!

During surge times you can easily make $100 rather quickly.

It’s super simple! My full-time job takes up a lot of my mental energy so just being able to hop in the car, listen to music, talk to people, and drive is very soothing.

You can write off your mileage and supplies while working! Even 50% on food if it’s on the job.

Here some things I don’t love about Uber:

You only make good money if you’re getting back-to-back rides. In my area you only get those on Friday & Saturday. This was a huge drawback for me because that means I had to sacrifice time with family and friends.

Having a lower end, fuel efficient car would have been much better. Since I had a newer vehicle, I don’t think the mileage deduction really offset the depreciation of my vehicle.


I hope this helped you consider some of the factors involved in Uber as a side hustle. When all is said and done I would still highly recommend giving it a try if you own the right vehicle. You can always try it out for one night and decide if it’s for you or not at no cost. Heck you’ll even make money for trying it!

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