Are you trying to be frugal, but not deprive yourself of all the things you love to do with your significant other or friends? Good news, there are plenty of low cost activities you can do! Below I’m going to talk about a few of them.

Check out these fun & frugal date night ideas. No matter where you live you are bound to be able to take advantage of a few of these.

Movie Date

I know what you’re thinking, the movies are too expensive these days to be considered a frugal date night. But don’t worry–there are still options.

One of my all-time favorite things to do is go to the movies, but as you know tickets can be as high as $20 per person for the 3D surround sound premium. If you have a significant other it instantly costs $40 now, and that is before you purchase any snacks!

However, there are two different routes I take to make going to the movies affordable.

The first one is most move theaters have one day where the tickets are at a steep discount. For my local movie theater (Cinemark) it’s on Wednesday’s. The ticket price is dropped down to only $5 a person for the entire day. On the night prior, I go online and reserve our seats so we don’t have to rush after work. We choose a time that lets us eat dinner before going so we aren’t tempted to eat out or buy snacks at the theater. Now don’t tell anyone, but we take snacks & drinks in my wife’s purse so we can enjoy them during the movie without the ridiculous 300%+ mark up. Voila! Movie date night for $20 or less.

Our 2nd tactic is we have a local discount movie theater that plays movies after they’re no longer being shown in the big-name movie theaters. They have a 2 for $20 deal that gets you 2 tickets, 1 large popcorn, and 2 large sodas any day, any time. If you want to be extremely frugal they have $2 tick Tuesdays.

Game Night

My favorite group hang is having a game night with friends/family! Free to play after the original game purchase (also your friends most likely have games you don’t). Make your own snacks and buy the beverages on sale for really low cost fun.

Outdoor Activities

Learn about several frugal date night ideas for any couple. No matter where you live, you can take advantage of most of these tips for fun date nights that won't break the budget.

Going for a hike with a picnic is the ultimate frugal, yet fun activity to enjoy with your significant other. Most places are completely free to hike. This allows you to reduce both your expenses and your waistline!

Additional outdoor activities include all outdoor sports such as frisbee, geocaching, dog walking, biking, swimming, tubing, kayaking, paddle boarding and etc.

Other Frugal, Fun Ideas

Most bowling alleys have a discount on certain days or times. At our local bowling alley, we can either go at 9pm and pay $7 for unlimited bowling or early Friday and enjoy $1 hot dogs with $1 games!

Invite friends and family over for a backyard BBQ that is potluck style!

Learn to cook a new recipe together or work on a fun DIY project.

As you can see, the only limits are your imagination and interests!

Click here for even more ideas!

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