Learn tips and ideas for personal finance to include making, saving, and investing money. Everything is geared towards the goal of achieving Financial Independence.

The bottom line to achieving financial independence is to make more money than you spend. That way you can use the excess to save/invest to cover your future expenses. We'll cover numerous strategies for generating income, as well as saving and investing on the website, but for now just know that the primary goal is to live below your means. Creating a budget is the first step towards financial independence. Follow these simple guidelines to create a budget you can live by.

Not having a college degree doesn't have to keep you from professional success. In this article I'll give some examples of ways you can get ahead with a college degree. Read about the pros and cons of driving Uber as a side hustle. It can potentially be a good way to make some extra money as long as you look at all the pros and cons.

Everyone needs a place to live, but do you really need your own home? This blog is all about efficient finance and frugal lifestyle, so we’re going to cover tips for reducing housing costs now so you can have the home of your dreams later.  From renting a studio apartment to finding a roommate or even staying at home with mom and dad, this guide will help you find creative ways to save on housing costs. Owning your first car has become a right of passage in America. Sadly, having a car payment has some how become the norm. Since this website is all about efficient finance and frugal lifestyle, we’re going to cover tips for reducing your transportation costs so that you can save for more important things.

Learn 10 easy ways to save money on your wedding. Ideas include DIY decor, low cost flowers, and more. You can have the wedding of your dreams without busting the budget. Learn how to make your own dog food. Save money and feed your pet a healthy diet with homemade dog food.