Welcome! I’m Richie Greer, a mid-20’s professional who is passionate about personal finance! In fact, I could talk about the F word all day (finance)!!

I’ll share Effective Finance & Frugal Lifestyle tips that anyone can use to achieve financial independence.The terms financial independence and frugal are both relative, so they will mean different things to different people. Click here to read what financial independence means to me.

I’ll cover topics such as saving money on housing & vehicle expenses, building your bank account balance, getting out of debt, starting & growing your investment portfolio, and much more!

Using the techniques I share, I was able to pay off a $21,000 car (which was a mistake to buy, but live and learn) and save another $10,000 all while making less than $50,000 per year. In the last year I increased my gross income by $13,000. This is while my wife is still in school full-time, so we have two mouths to feed on one income. All of this was achieved with out a bachelor’s degree. Click here to read about how to get ahead without a bachelor’s degree. 

I am still early on my path to financial independence. My goal is to share my lessons learned along the way to achieving financial independence by using effective finance and living a frugal lifestyle.